Sprouting Legumes - How and Why

Legumes are perfect. Lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas! And many more. They are full with amazing things like a wide variety of vitamins and a big amount of protein.

During the sprouting process, certain kind of enzymes are formed, that are making the digesting process easier - something that is important not just to the ones who eat the legumes, but also the ones who spend time around them – and their nutritional values increase greatly.  And most important, after they sprout, the legumes turn from something dry and asleep to a lively and rejuvenating energy.

To be honest, the process of sprouting legumes is more than easy. The dry legumes should be placed in a bowl filled with water, and stay like this for the night. Then you strain them and leave them in the strainer, with a bowl under, and wash them three or four times a day. It depends on the kind of the legume (chickpeas for example take a bit longer) but already after the first day there is a noticeable development.

They are amazing just like that or as a nice addition for salads, and you can even add them to soups and sauces (the cooking time shortens significantly).  Enjoy!

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